Thailand - from the client's point of view....



Hi Delia

We had the most wonderful time! Absolutely divine but over in a flash! I have been meaning to send you a note to thank you for all the arrangements.

Must admit May is probably not the best time to travel– it is the pre-monsoon season, so we had mostly cloudy and rainy days when we reached Phuket, although the temps were still in 30 degrees. Rather book from October-Feb – you will be guaranteed sunshine and a tan!

We also LOVED the Kamala Beach Resort – the beach is 2 meters away from your deck chair, even if you are lounging around the hotel pool. A really nice resort, quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of Patong. It might be a bit quiet if you are a young crowd that enjoys the nightlife, but this is only 10 minutes away by tuk-tuk.

Nothing prepared us for the sights, sounds and smells of Patong – it never stops, it is constantly busy! We hired a car for a day and cruised around Phuket, but would not advise a scooter in the rain (half of the guys on our flight back sported bruises, broken arms and roasties!). If you are just hopping around the hotel, get a scooter, but for journeys longer than 10 minutes, you have to be very brave to scoot on the roads.

We did an island tour to phi-phi by boat – in terrible rainy weather – again, October-Feb would be better for any boating activities. We almost lost a few passengers overboard with 1.5 m swells and when offered motion sickness pills, TAKE it!

People are friendly, the shopping is good ( a real bargain if you know how to barter and you can pick up designer labels cheaply) but language is sometimes a problem, but nothing that signals and gestures can’t fix.
In short – WOW!  Pack underwear, comfy shoes, bikini and toothbrush – you really do not need anything else. You will buy all the outfits you need when you hit Bangkok/ Patong. Also, you will most likely buy a suitcase for your return trip (very cheaply) to fill with shopping and gifts.

I would recommend Thailand anyday. We are already thinking we should plan a follow up trip! Attached a lazy pic, looking at the pool and hotel.
Thanks again.

PS: we are thinking of doing a week in Madagascar in December. If you have any specials, please let us know!

Mareli and Craig  (Been-to-Bangkok) Benn


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